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Endoneurospice by Joseph D. Smith 

Endoneurospice is a new blend of spices that activate the release of numerous neurotransmitters, 
including Endorphins and Endocannabinoids, which when ate, or sniffed for it's aromatic effects will 
make an individual feel like they are melting on the inside! 

The blend can be made simply by measuring an equal amount of each spice, then blending them 
together by shaking them up, or any other means. It is simple and easy to make. Just follow the 
following recipe and instructions: 


• Salt 

• Paprika 

• Black Pepper 

• Soul Food Seasoning 

(All ingredients are measured in equal amounts.) 

Basic Instructions: (For Food and Drinks) 

• Measure all ingredients with the same amount for each spice. 

• Dump them in your preferred container. 

• Shake them up. 

• Sprinkle on preferred food, or in your desired drink. 

Basic Instructions: (For Aromatherapy) 

• Measure a small amount of the Endoneurospice into your preferred container or vile. 

• Shake the spice up before use each time to release the gas, while the cap is closed. 

• This releases the gasses so that they will melt your tensions away. 

• Open the vile or container as soon as possible. 

• Sniff the contents with a deep breath! 

Now that you have the basics out of the way, let us go into some science behind this blend; 

Basic Facts: 

• The spice is a form of alchemy. 

• The blend works through the soul. 

• The aroma is a neurological agent. 

• The aroma enhances one's senses of well-being and pleasure. 

• When consumed, the spice promotes overall well-being and good health. 

The spice works through alchemy, as the blend attempts to work as it's own agent, that works it's way 
into the soul, where it works as a neurological agent. The aroma and the spice enhances one's own 
sense of well-being and pleasure as it releases many and numerous neurotransmitters! 

When consumed, the spice promotes overall well-being and good health, as it keeps the body healthy 
and nourishes the blood-cells, lowers cholesterol, and also balances blood-pressure, and body 


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